Not Even REMOTELY What I Meant!

July 19, 2018

Noting that her hair looked particularly good one day, L’s Mother asked me to take a picture of her; pleased with the results, she decided to use said picture to update her work profile picture.  Personally I felt the picture, while technically fine, didn’t really capture her . . . . essence, for lack of a better word, so later on I mentioned I didn’t care for the picture because it “didn’t look like her” to me.

This prompted her to burst into peals of laughter.

Suspicious and wary, but still needing to know, I asked her what was so funny.

Still laughing, she gasped, “Everyone at the office today told me they liked it because it made me look pretty!”


Then It’s Time For A Change Up

July 18, 2018

Sometimes it takes a little while to notice that the tension you’ve been telling yourself you’ve been “working out” is actually the tension you’ve been working in!

I Have A New Project

July 17, 2018

This morning I expressed the desire to have a day of “indulgence” despite the fact today was not a day for something like that.  Despite that, I was asked what kind of day I’d want if it was a day for that.

After rattling off a few (ahem) variations of “spend even more time in bed,” I’d gotten as far what I’d want for breakfast . . . but then I trailed off.

“Go on!” I was encouraged.  “What would you want to do after that?”

“I don’t honestly know!” I conceded with a laugh.  “I’ve never gotten this far before, not even in theory!”

All In All Though, It’s One Of The Easier Promises I’ve Ever Had To Keep

July 16, 2018

Last week I mentioned in passing to my son that Pluto had lined up with the orbital plane of the rest of the major planets of the solar system for the first time in 87 years, and that it would be 161 years until it does this again.

Unfortunately, I made the tactical error of doing this right before his bedtime, and the news thrilled him so much that an impromptu celebration had to be held on the spot and I had to promise to mention this fact in Candles & Curses before he could even think about sleep.

And That’s Why I Said It

July 13, 2018

L. (Age 7):  Sometimes I lose my mind and don’t know what I’m saying.

Me (Age “Old enough to know better, but young enough to go for the joke anyway to see if his mother is listening.”):  You get that from your mother!

L’s Mother (Age “Ageless”):  Did you just say he gets that from me?  I was going to say that!

Time Will Tell, So To Speak

July 12, 2018

Now that things have settled down somewhat for the summer, I’ve been hammering out what is intended to be a workable and balanced schedule for myself.  This would be a challenge for me alone, but my son makes it even more so.  (But he also provides the motivation for me to make this work, so it all balances out.)  So far what I have feels worryingly easy on some days, and just barely doable on others.

I’m pretty sure this means I’m on the right track though.

That’s Just The Way It Is With Some People

July 11, 2018

People tend to forget that, by definition, having faith in someone runs the risk of your faith not being justified.

Either Way I Regret Nothing (PG-13ish)

July 10, 2018

Warning Sign I Saw On The Back Of A Semi:  “Cover and secure your load.”

Me:  “Birth control ads are everywhere these days!”  (Okay, what I actually said was  “Do you want pregnancies?  Because that’s how you get pregnancies!”, but I was playing to a particular audience.)

Even Stranger Days

July 9, 2018

Nothing in this life or any other has prepared me for my son’s current obsession with Super Mario Bros. . . . and he’s never even played the game!

(And I remember when I thought the Doctor Who resurgence was strange.)

I Wonder Why They Don’t All Do That? Oh, Wait . . . They Do!

July 6, 2018

I just saw a political ad and the guy must be honest because it said so on his label, right?