Funny How That Works Sometimes

January 15, 2021

This morning I woke up feeling like an elephant had stepped on me, and as L’s Mother attempted to randomly chat with me, all I wanted was to be left alone.

Then I fully woke up and all I’ve wanted to do today was randomly chat with her.

So I HAVE Learned Some Things

January 14, 2021

But while I frequently get things wrong as a parent, I do sometimes do things right. L. and his mother absolutely love keeping the Christmas tree up a ridiculously long time, but this year I decided to do something about it because I think it’s silly to keep a Christmas tree after Christmas.

Which is why this year we’re keeping a holiday tree up year round so long as they decorate it with decorations appropriate to the nearest holiday season.

L’s Mother Loves Chinese Cooking

January 13, 2021

I was going somewhere with what I said yesterday, but before I get there, I want to clarify that I never really let myself get pushed around just because somebody felt stronger about something than I did, I just ate more Chinese food than I thought I’d ever eat in a lifetime.

I Don’t Say That Anymore

January 12, 2021

I hope that by now I’ve made it abundantly clear that I don’t always succeed as a parent. Some of this I can chalk up to the natural learning curve, but some is definitely just my fault due to preconceived notions that had never been put to a real test until after I became a parent.

For instance, before becoming a parent I used to say things like, “Well . . . you obviously feel stronger about this than I do, so we’ll go with what you want.”

The Link Is To The IMDB Entry (Sorry To Disappoint)

January 11, 2021

You know your day is off to an odd start when you’re pointed to a clip from a movie where an aquatic zombie rips off a girl’s swimsuit right before the zombie fights a shark.

I Like That Smile

January 8, 2021

Early this morning L’s Mother sauntered into my office and with a big grin announced that she had brought me a present, a “morning me” (meaning a morning her).

Snickering (and without thinking) I retorted with, “I don’t know if that makes me easy to buy for, or if it makes you cheap.” I meant as in stingy, of course, but I quickly realized there was another way that could be taken, and L’s Mother realized it as well.

That’s why she flashed me her “Can’t it be both?” smile.

Primarily Because I Tend To Write About Things That Surprise Me

January 7, 2021

I know a lot of people are writing today about the events in D.C., but for a couple of reasons, I’m not going to follow suit.

And Now I’ve Solved It Three Times

January 6, 2021

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I want to stress that as a kid I lacked the interest and patience needed to solve the Rubik’s cube, so my solving it as a demonstration for my son was literally the first time I had ever solved it.

It Actually Took Twice As Long As I’d Predicted

January 5, 2021

When I was asked recently what I wanted for the new year, I replied that I wanted greater stability in my personal life. This answer was met with a hint of a sneer and a disdainful, “So you want things predictable and boring?”

This is, of course, not what I want, but what I do want is that when I put my own advice into action regarding my son’s new Rubik’s cube and demonstrate for him that it absolutely can be solved, that my solution remain in place for more than two minutes.

Though to be fair, I did predict that would happen.

Do I Think ’21 Is Going To Be A Good Year?

January 4, 2021

Well . . . it wasn’t for Tommy, but that wasn’t his fault.

For the rest of us though, I suspect the chances of 2021 being a good year can be roughly determined by two questions:

Did you learn from 2020?

Did other people learn from 2020?