Why a blog? (Revisited)

Obviously I have mixed feelings about blogs.  On one hand it’s common knowledge that some blogs are little more than badly constructed soapboxes that spew spittle and venom (not to mention other biological byproducts) on a regular basis, while others are exercises in narcissistic ego stroking and self indulgence.  (I flatter myself that if I slip, I’m more likely to indulge in the latter, but honestly I suspect the odds are a lot closer to 50-50 than I would like.)

On the other hand, some blogs are masterpieces of information and insight, recordings of modern life and view that may one day prove valuable to future scholars in the manner the classic diarists provide insight to current scholars.

Yeah . . . for a lot of reasons I don’t want this blog to be any of those things.  What I DO want is to chat with people like many of my favorite authors, artists, scientists, celebrities, etc. have done with me via author’s notes, interviews, and so on.  I would have liked to have met more than I have met personally, but I understand why that’s not always a practical option.

Let’s crunch some numbers.

There’s (according to a cute girl doing an environmental show I saw recently) something on the order of 6.5 billion people in the world, and that number keeps increasing.  Let’s say (for some reason, walk with me on this one) that a mere 0.1% of that number might enjoy talking to me, that still leaves us 6.5 MILLION people. 


Leaving aside that that is a LOT of people wanting to visit you for Christmas, that means that assuming I managed to meet on average 2 people per night for dinner, I’d have dinner plans for the next . . . 8904 years (not including leap year, so it’s actually not QUITE as bad as the numbers suggest).

But through a blog I get to talk to as many people as care to read it, be that two (“Hi, Mom.  Hi, Dad.”) or 2 billion or more.  It’s not perfect . . . I don’t get to know anything about YOU from me writing a blog, for instance, and obviously there’s only so much you get to REALLY learn about me, but it’s a place to start.

And I prefer it to nothing. 

(Whether or not it is actually BETTER than nothing is a matter I leave to future scholars.  Please don’t ever use my writings to bore children as they try to learn English.)

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