To all the girls I’ve loved before (Part 1)

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  Oh, I’ve had good ones and bad ones in my time, but as holiday’s go I tend to rank it at about “Arbor Day” level, but without the importance of reminding people of how vital trees are. 

But honestly, one of the reasons I dislike Valentine’s Day so much is because I tend to get sentimental around this time, and I start to reminisce . . . not really about the good times OR the bad times, per se, but about the really STUPID things I remember most about my past relationships.  Maybe it was something stupid that I did that I wish I hadn’t, or something stupid that she did that somehow still manages to make me smile after all this time, or maybe it’s just a stupid situation we shared, but the common factor always seems to come back to the word “stupid” somehow. 

So . . . now you know what I’m going to be talking about this week.  I understand completely if you want to just save yourself the trouble and mark on your calendar to start reading again NEXT week.  For those that are sticking it out, remember that I DID warn you.

So here’s a candle for all the girls I’ve loved.  No matter how much I got hurt by them . . . no matter HOW right it was for us to part company . . . I still think of all of them from time to time, and wonder how they’re doing and if they’re alright.  And sometimes . . . again, no matter HOW right it was for us to part ways . . . I still miss them.

I TOLD you “stupid” was going to be common factor.

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