To all the girls I’ve loved before (Part 2)

In most cases I figure the statute of limitations isn’t up yet, so I’ll be using pseudonyms, but for this story I think it’s been long enough that it’s safe to let you know her name was Lori, she was the girl next door.

We never dated, or kissed, and I never really even had a crush on her, but she was the first girl that I ever saw without her top on and that it meant something to me. 

Mind you . . . we were playing in a kiddie pool behind her house, we were both EIGHT at most, and there wasn’t really anything to see and I had even less idea WHY it meant something to me . . . I just knew that it was supposed to.  As I recall, I summed up my reaction with the phrase “Woo-Hoo!” when the top of her swimsuit slipped off.

At which point she resoundingly (and deservedly) mocked me for acting stupid, pointed out *I* wasn’t wearing a top either (I was in standard swim trunks), rolled her eyes and went “Woo . . . Hoo,” and we went back to playing in the pool after she fixed her top. 

Stupid it may have been, but I still smile when I think of that day with Lori, so here’s a candle for Lori for her part in my first real (if clueless and unsophisticated) attempt at appreciating the feminine form, as well as my first real taste of feminine mocking for said attempt.

Let the record state that I DID get better with more practice.

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  1. Buttercup aka "mom" Says:

    This caused my own memory button, and smile button, to turn back on, at least for a little while. So here’s to some of the boys I ever loved. In first grade, there was Danny–blond hair, devilish grin, who chased me across the playground and kissed me on the cheek–and I slapped him, then told the principal on him–not just the teacher, but the principal.

    Then there was Jackie with huge brown eyes and curly hair that drooped over his forehead, and I secretely “loved” him all the way through elementary school–once even buying him a special valentine that I never gave him. Yes, I even remember what it said. “If I could have two wishes and be certain they’d come true–I’d wish that you belonged to me and I belonged to you.” (Stupid most definitely comes to mind here 😉

    In seventh grade, there was Mike, almost as shy as I was, who held my sweaty hand in his while we walked through the woods around the lake at the end of year school picnic–who when all the other “couples” kept yelling “kiss her Mikey” did. He was the first one I never slapped.

    In eighth grade, there was Hank who rode my bus. He was probably thirteen like the rest of us, but he was tan, muscled, and had the faint beginnings of a mustache. One day after school, he saw me huddled in the bus seat, crying, and tried to make me tell him who had hurt me so that he could go and beat them up. My very first knight in shining armor.

    So here’s a flicker and a flame for the boys I was fortunate enough to love–before I got old enough to have to figure out what love was and what it wasn’t. Thanks for the memories, one and all. (No names have been changed to protect the innocent–statute of limitations has most definitely expired)

  2. Robert Alan Says:

    Wow . . I’ve been upstaged . . .

    Go Mom!

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