Post Valentines Day thoughts

I sure shut up pretty quickly last week, didn’t I?  If it looked like to you that I struck a nerve with my last reminiscence. . . well . . . you’d be right.

I suppose that’s the real dark side of Valentines Day, love and romance in general.  Even when it’s bad, it still hurts when it goes away for good . . . even when it’s good that it goes away.    Yes . . . the heart can grow stronger from the experience, the soul richer, but when someone leaves we all know deep down that no one else will ever FULLY replace the void they leave behind.  Other relationships may await us in the future . . . likely even BETTER ones . . . but that unique person that once made your life more joyous will no longer be a part of it. 

But at least they were for a while.

And on THAT note, I officially end the maudlin. 

For real this time.

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