But is it worth it?

I said it was the end of the maudlin . . . I said NOTHING about being fully done with the topic of love, now did I?

But that really is the question, isn’t it?  “Is it worth it?”

Unfortunately, I have no way to fully and satisfactorily answer that particular question. 

The best and most honest answer I’ve got is “Sometimes yes . . . sometimes no, and sometimes over time you realize the yeses can become noes, and the noes can become yeses.”   Like any other risk really, love is great when it pays off, and painful when it doesn’t, and when it’s over it’s a VERY subjective and personal call on if it was worth or not.  There are relationships I would have acted differently in (or avoided all together!) if I knew then what I know now, but the flip side of that is that I know it NOW because I learned it THEN!  (Catch-22, a game the whole world can play!) 

But was it all worth it . . . all of the times I tried and failed at love . . . was it all worth it to ME?

THAT’S a question I can answer!  It might change over time, but right now, at least, here is my answer:

Yes.  Once, twice, a thousand times . . . yes.

NOW I’m done with the topic.




At least until Valentines Day starts creeping up on us again, that is.

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