Feedback and Readership (Part 2)

The first of his two main points was:

1.  The book was a bit longer than he usually reads for casual enjoyment, though he assured me this was a quibble and not a deal breaker on him enjoying the book.

I’ll cop to that.  The book is written in a casual STYLE, and no one has yet to tell me it’s a difficult read, but it DOES weigh in at 412 pages. 

What can I say?  I had a lot of story to tell, and because of that I broke it up into three discrete sections, each largely self contained but interrelated.  Think of it like three smaller books making up a trilogy without you having to wait a year (or more) for the next book to come out.

Or if that explanation doesn’t work for you, DO keep in mind that as written it makes a MUCH better self defense tool than a book half it’s size, now doesn’t it?

Truth be told, the final length of the book surprised me too.  In the end though, the final length of the book turned out to be PRECISELY the number of pages I needed to tell the story I wanted to tell.

So . . . while I promise to watch the length on the next book, honestly I’ll probably end up taking the same “As many pages as I need, no more or less” approach as I did with the first one. 

Provided, of course, that I continue to get consistent feedback that the length is a quibble at worst.

. . .

There’s a joke there somewhere, but I’m not going to be the one to make it.

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