Feedback and Readership (Part 4)

So . . . all in all, not TOO bad for feedback I’ll admit to have been dreading a little.  In summation, I even got a “It was a worthy first effort.” out of the man.   That may not sound like much to you, but it’s high praise indeed coming from the most voracious and eclectic reader I know. 

The funny part (to me, at least) of all this is what I just found out about today . . . he’s ordering another copy of the book “for his personal copy.”  (Which I THINK means the copy he’ll thumb through from time to time, as opposed to the one he archives on his shelf (He’s also a book collector).  I didn’t get around to asking him to clarify for reasons that are about to become clear.) 

Now that in and of itself isn’t funny, it’s the contents of the rest of his order from a popular on-line source . . . his order ALSO includes several DVDs of the latest seasons The Girls Next Door (His wife is a fan . . . HONEST!), as well as season one of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (That one I don’t know which one of them is the fan . . . I’m guessing both).   There’s no real meaning behind the pairings, of course . . . that just happened to be what he was ordering at the time in addition to my book, but still it made me smile.

It’s like someone is saying my book ranks right up there next to DVDs featuring pretty girls.

A worthy first attempt INDEED!

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