Feedback and Readship (Interlude Continued)

Well . . . I’m not fully recovered today like I hoped, but it’s not bad.

It’s not GOOD either though.  

Mostly the pain is located in my pride . . . there’s just something about straining yourself from typing too much that, shall we say, lacks a certain sense of drama.  “There I was . . . in the third battle of Antietam, men were dying all around me, and I typed too fast and . . .   Hey!  Where are you going?”

Well . . . in a backhanded sort of way it’s better that I did this to myself sooner rather than later, gives me my best chance to learn my lesson NOW so I don’t hurt myself this way again.

DID I learn my lesson?

I really, REALLY hope so.

I’ll let you know though.

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