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A Natural Conclusion

May 29, 2009

With all due respect to those that say one should always follow one’s natural impulses, I suspect these people have NEVER needed to sneeze while carrying an overfull and scalding cup of coffee.

Part One Complete

May 28, 2009

. . . conditionally.  I’ll be going over it at least one more time tomorrow, and, of course, minor tweaks may be made in the future throughout the course of writing parts Two and Three. 

At a 125 pages so far, I may be REALLY pushing the idea of “think of it as three ‘mini-books’ instead of one giant one” before I’m done with all this, but in my defense it HAS been said that length isn’t everything.

Perhaps this is what they meant.

Thought For The Day

May 27, 2009

When life gives you lemons, you should shoot lemon juice in life’s eyes . . . unless of course life ALSO ponies up some water and sugar.  In THAT case, sure . . . go ahead and make lemonade.

(Shamelessly ripped from my Facebook status because it’s been a busy day.)

And She REALLY Should Have Seen THIS coming

May 26, 2009

To continue yesterday’s story, my companion then informed me “They’re not big fans, no,” and we both shared one of those laughs that’s just never quite as funny outside the situation that spawned it.

But out of respect to her, I want to make it publicly known that I have taken her words to heart, and I will no longer be singing “Waheguru” as “I hate to lose” any more.

*Humming to himself*  “Wha? Hey, Garou!   Hey, Loup-Garou!  Wha?  Hey, Garou!  Hey, Loup-Garou!”


She Really Should Have Seen That Coming

May 25, 2009

Normally I’d just consider today a day off, but since I didn’t say on FRIDAY that I planned to consider today a day off, I feel obligated to say something.

So the other day I’m spending time with somebody that TRULY loves songs with chanting and mantras in them, and we were listening to one of her favorite songs.  (Me, my mantras tend to be of the “I think I can” variety, and I don’t see any need to put them to music, but to each their own.)  Now . . . when someone is singing in a language you don’t understand, your brain has a tendency to try and find a pattern in the words that you CAN relate to, so I found myself humming the song’s refrain as “I hate to lose.  I hate to lose.”

To which there was mildly mortified, highly amused retort from my companion informing me that the songs lyrics were “Waheguru.  Waheguru.”  She went on to inform me that “It’s one of the most important terms in the Sikh religion!”

I thought about that for a moment and responded “Wow . . . they really don’t like losing, do they?”

An Irish Blessing

May 22, 2009

There’s something about yesterday’s accident and today’s perpetual rain that brought this Irish blessing to mind:

“May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire.”

I won’t be on the road this Memorial Day weekend, but I might raise a different kind of Irish Blessing (of the Smithwick’s variety) in honor of those of you that are.

Watch yourselves out there . . . those roads can be tricky.

The Important Things To Remember . . .

May 21, 2009

 . . . don’t ALWAYS make you happy.

Case in point:

The IMPORTANT thing really IS that nobody got hurt . . .

. . . but that doesn’t make the dents in my car go away.

Decisions, Decisions . . . (Resumed)

May 20, 2009

Okay . . . so my health comes first, my book challenge second. 

Check.  Got It.  Roger Wilco.  Over and Out.

Now what about the rest of the stuff that’s important in my life?

Well . . . like the book, it’s a work in progress, but the answer seems to be I need to take on another evening job (i.e., all the other stuff I need to do that doesn’t fit into the odd empty spaces of my day) instead of trying to mix it in during my writing time.  I can make the time and all I have to do is give up a slice of my personal time I can actually afford (and am probably even better off) giving up.

Simple, right?  So why didn’t I think of it sooner?

I have, of course . . . I just have yet to make it work, but this time I’m more motivated and better balanced since the last time I made this attempt.

At this point, it’s just another challenge.  

I’ll keep you posted.

So . . . Funny Thing Is . . .

May 19, 2009

Remember when I said on Friday I anticipated to “EASILY” be able to be done going over those last two chapters before Monday?

Yeah . . . glad I didn’t put money on it. 

Technically I DID do just that . . . but in the process I ALSO realized that Chapter 7 needed more work, and it took most of Monday for me to decide exactly WHAT kind of work it required.  It was both too long AND felt rushed at points, so . . .

I split Chapter 7 into Chapters 7 and 8.    

I think Chapter 7 looks great, by the way, and Chapter 8 . . .

Well . . . Chapter 8 WILL be great by the time I’m done with it. 

New plan for the week . . .

Coos and Caws . . . I Should Make That A Category

May 18, 2009

Since I said I’d mentioned it, Algiz the Sun Conure finally had his delayed follow-up visit to the vet on Saturday. 

His blood work came back clean.

This didn’t seem to surprise him at all.