She Really Should Have Seen That Coming

Normally I’d just consider today a day off, but since I didn’t say on FRIDAY that I planned to consider today a day off, I feel obligated to say something.

So the other day I’m spending time with somebody that TRULY loves songs with chanting and mantras in them, and we were listening to one of her favorite songs.  (Me, my mantras tend to be of the “I think I can” variety, and I don’t see any need to put them to music, but to each their own.)  Now . . . when someone is singing in a language you don’t understand, your brain has a tendency to try and find a pattern in the words that you CAN relate to, so I found myself humming the song’s refrain as “I hate to lose.  I hate to lose.”

To which there was mildly mortified, highly amused retort from my companion informing me that the songs lyrics were “Waheguru.  Waheguru.”  She went on to inform me that “It’s one of the most important terms in the Sikh religion!”

I thought about that for a moment and responded “Wow . . . they really don’t like losing, do they?”

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