I’ve Been Thinking

Something I said elsewhere the other day keeps coming back to me.

In short, in a fit of snark I wished everyone around me a great day because I simply was NOT in the mood to share their misery if they didn’t have one.

Funny thing is, while I cheerfully admit the less than noble motivation, as wishes go, I think it stills counts as a good one because I SINCERELY wanted every to have a great day.

Case in point:  Algiz the Sun Conure is having one of his (thankfully rare) inconsolable days, absolutely NOTHING today has made him happy (or silent) for any significant length of time.  It’s been enough that I’m reasonably sure I could be forgiven for being tempted to wring his little neck, but instead I TRULY wish whatever is distressing him passes quickly so he can once again be happy.

Because then he’ll shut up.

Yeah . . . still pretty sure that counts.


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