Grey Days

Today has been one of those days that I’ve gone over what I did today and, honestly, I don’t like it very much.  That’s hardly surprising because I didn’t like it very much when I was working on it today either.  I know my draft for Chapter 9 is good, and I know that somewhere in there is a good completed chapter that’ll be found after a good polishing . . . 

But, honestly, it doesn’t look like today is the day I’m going to find it. 

I suppose I could wax poetic about how the day itself has been so . . . grey, a grey that has devoured this day since the sun failed to rise this morning, but that would sound too much like I’m blaming the day, I think.   

I’m not. 

It’s just a grey day . . . they happen.

Even so . . .

Here’s a candle for the sun, so perhaps it can find its way into the sky tomorrow.

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