“You Don’t Know Him.”

I make it a strict point of personal policy to avoid controversial subjects whenever possible, with two notable exceptions:

A.  I have given the matter a great deal of forethought and have concluded my input might actually be of value.


B.  I really, REALLY want to.

Welcome to a “Case B” situation. 

Michael Jackson is dead. 

Love him or hate him, he was equal parts influential and controversial, flamboyant AND reclusive (no mean trick), and he has definitely left his mark on this age.

But let me make one thing VERY clear:

I didn’t know him, and I don’t really know of the stories told of him which were true and which were false . . . when that kind of money is involved it both makes you a target for fraud AND gives you the means to buy silence.  From where I’m standing I honestly can’t judge the matter, and I’m not even trying.


Odds are YOU didn’t know him either, and just because you loved his music that doesn’t make him a good person.   Maybe he was . . . but YOU DON”T KNOW THAT.

Because you didn’t know him either.

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