The Importance of Asking

Since I basically ended my last series of posts with the words “Because nobody has asked,” that started me thinking about just how important asking is . . . in general and to me in particular.   I don’t pretend I always do it easily, but I have come to realize just HOW useful simply being able to ASK can be.

Case in point:

During a euphemistically “some time ago” period of my life, I was over at a girl’s house with her family, watching television with her and several of her family members.  Normally I didn’t spend much time with my OWN family at that age, much less someone else’s, but I really, REALLY liked this girl.

So there I was.  This girl’s sister barges in and announces “Mom needs help moving the piano.”

“I can understand that,” I thought.  “Pianos are heavy.”  I wasn’t unsympathetic . . . just watching T.V. like the others, but this also wasn’t my house. 

But when nobody else moved either, the sister says (MUCH more firmly)  “I SAID Mom needs help moving the piano!”  (Let the record show I WAS polite enough to NOT say “Then go help her then!”) 

This time the message was received, and the room emptied out.

But I stayed put. 

I would have been MORE than happy to help, of course, and I KNOW it’s going to sound like a joke, but the reason I didn’t is simple:

I wasn’t ASKED!

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