More Random Thoughts (Part One)

Years ago I took one of my younger brothers to a theme park where his eyes immediately lit up at the sight of a particular roller coaster, and he begged me to take him on it.  Having my doubts that he was old enough for it, I made him a deal:  I’d take him on a ride I deemed less intense first, and if he still wanted to ride the roller coaster after that, then I’d take him. 

Halfway through the ride (on something called ‘Da Vinci’s Cradle,’ as I recall) he turned to me and said “I’ve changed my mind!  I want to get off!”

Around my laughter I tried to explain to him that this wasn’t the kind of ride I could just stop for him as much as I might want to; he’d just have to hang on for a bit more until it was over.

It’s still not bad advice for that sort of situation . . . even when there’s nothing funny to laugh at.

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