Ill Winds Blowing

Actually it’s nowhere NEAR that bad at the moment (I just like the title), but the recent tropical storms/hurricanes doing their thing off the coast of Florida have brought it home this week that we are well into hurricane season once more.  Rest assured that as a denizen of Florida I watch such storms VERY closely with the stated goal that if I DO need to evacuate the area, I want to know that’s a potential no less than 24 hours before any OFFICIAL evacuation order is given. 

So far these storms have just been warning shots, and it doesn’t look like anything serious is going to touch my area of the world this week or next, but such things have been known to change without notice.  (Just ask Mom, who once teased me for suggesting she at least lay in some supplies because a storm was heading her way, because she felt she was far enough inland for it not to matter even if the storm rolled right over her head.  Well . . . it did, and she spent the night with her head down in a hallway wondering if the wind was going to shatter the windows. (It didn’t.))

So basically I just wanted to say that I’ll keep you posted if anything interesting happens to me THIS hurricane season.

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