So It Matters

“So what?” you may be asking.

Well . . . once you realize how much words and descriptions say about the people uttering them, you suddenly have, among other things, one of the finest tools available to detect bias . . . in yourself and in others.   At first this may only seem useful to you in places where you already KNEW there was bias (your least favorite news outlet, for instance), but once you start honestly applying it, you’ll start noticing bias in places you didn’t realize it existed.  (And for those that need a hint, here’s one:  Someone agreeing with what you believe to be true is NOT, in and of itself, an example of them being unbiased!)

This is a particularly useful trick should you be watching the news (as I was earlier this week) and hear a reporter (and I use the term loosely here, because one of MY biases is that I believe that reporters should REPORT the facts, and ONLY the facts) ‘reporting’ on a situation while punctuating with such editorial phrases as “that we KNOW of!”  

He might as well have used the word “whores.”

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