So It Matters (Followup)

Not long after I posted what I did on Friday, I realized my example wasn’t too clear (which is a hazard of my habit of doing these posts quickly).  I was going for an example that hearkened back the the real life incident that inspired it, but one that wasn’t muddled by any identifying details that would have detracted from my point. 

Unfortunately, that didn’t leave me with much of an example, but rather than edit the post (which generally feels like cheating to me unless I’m correcting a typo), I’m going to do a followup example.


I drafted my example out today, but I’m a bit worn out from a weekend trip to Gainesville I took, and I think to try and post my new example today would unacceptably risk me giving ANOTHER unclear example, which would necessitate yet ANOTHER followup, which (due to stress from all these followups) might not be clear, which might begin an endless cycle of unclear examples followed by ineffective followups.

And I prefer to leave those sorts of cycles to politicians.

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