So It Matters (Second Clarification Example)

After I posted yesterday, I got to thinking that maybe I was being TOO kind to Father Bartholomew, but I’m not ready to rake him over the coals quite yet.  But let’s still take the positive slant away from him and make it negative, but still keep everything factual.

Father Bartholomew spoke in Washington today over the objections of many prominent agricultural lobbyists.  He spoke as part of his lecture tour urging the Federal government to re-evaluate its policies regarding paying farmers to not grow food, policies that lobbyists say are economically necessary.  While the lobbyists were quick to point out they respected the father’s good intentions, they felt he simply had no understanding of the practicalities of the situation.  

Poor Father Bartholomew . . . he’s gone from honored world-wide to a nice old duffer who just doesn’t have a head for worldly matters all in the stroke of a single re-write.    Those that oppose him are given more time, so the slant of the report is obvious, but it remains as factual as the first report. (And did you notice how the lobbyists, much less their objections, weren’t even MENTIONED in the first report?  Good.)  Father Bartholomew still spoke, and he still spoke on the same topic, and everything that was opinion was labeled as such. 

Still . . . I can’t help but feeling a tad sorry for the good father; all this has got to be quite a letdown from the way the first report talked about him.

But at least it should warn him for what’s to come.

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