So It Matters (Fourth Clarification Example)

Now let’s hit Father Bartholomew with the style of reporting that I’m seeing with distressing regularity these days:

Father Bartholomew, demagogue beloved of numerous foreign interests, spoke in Washington today despite the protests of many respectable captains of industry who oppose the Father’s suspect politics.  While the Father’s ties to Communist nations has never been PROVEN, he is known to have traveled through rural China on no fewer than FOUR occasions that we know of . . .

Note the method of mixing a dash of fact (the Father’s travel through rural China, hardly unexpected from a man championing the cause of the hungry) with a pound of innuendo (pretty much the rest of that sentence, particularly the inclusion of the phrase “that we know of” . . . you can almost hear the ominous drum sting of dum, dum, DUM!).   More subtle is the use of the phrase “respectable captains of industry” (making them sound quite lofty compared to the obviously despicable Father);  and while a case could be made that they were “respected” (odds are good that SOME power block respects them, if only for their positions), by calling them “respectable” the report is showing a clear bias, not reporting a fact.

There’s other things to look for of course, but I feel we’ve about beat this horse as much as it can take, and no doubt Father Bartholomew wouldn’t object at the idea of a break.  Hopefully all of this excessive clarification was not only obvious, but maybe even so obvious to you that you found it a touch boring.

I really, REALLY hope so, at least.

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