So It Matters (Finale . . . I Promise!)

Before I put this topic to rest, here are some parting thoughts, in no particular order, that occurred to me over the course of last week:

1.  If I’m going to expand a point so much, I REALLY should use a better title for it. 

2.  I should do my best to avoid such a serious line of posts during my busier weeks.

3.  Even in “The Age of Convenience,” one can end up spending most of the day just trying to get a simple car battery replaced (i.e., “Ask me how my Friday went.”).

4.  At the beginning of the topic, I slammed politicians as a general breed.   Not only do I not regret that, I regret I didn’t do it hard enough . . . but to do so at the time would have added to an already overlong thought process.   I’ll likely elaborate on that someday.

5.  But NOT today!

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