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Because Some Thoughts Bear Repeating

September 30, 2009

I’m not the first person to think it, and, sadly enough, I doubt I’ll be the last but . . .

The name “Jerusalem” is frequently translated as “City of Peace.”

Somebody out there has a SICK sense of humor.

Things Like That Used To Be Just A Pipe Dream

September 29, 2009

So . . . I had one of those “signs of the times” moments today.  I was out and in a particular need, so I rushed in to use a public rest room and was halfway out again before I realized I’ve become so accustomed to the now ubiquitous automatic urinals that I never even THOUGHT to pull the handle this time.  I quickly went back and, sure enough, this was NOT an automatic model.

Boy was my face flushed.

Down To The Wire

September 28, 2009

I have to finish up Part Two of the book this week if I want to remain on schedule for my challenge, so don’t be surprised if my posts on Candles and Curses this week are . . . brief.

In the meantime, can some please remind me again why I decided to do this to myself?

Oh .  . . right . . .

Back to work then.

A Reminder That Tomorrow is Free Museum Day

September 25, 2009

Free Museum Day

Maybe there’s something worth checking out in your area, and, hey, it’s free!

A Brief Book Review . . . Southern Style

September 24, 2009

To Kill A Mockingbird

“It’s a good’un.”

(Finally got around to reading it.  I shouldn’t have waited so long.)

What Distractions, You Ask?

September 23, 2009

Well . . . for one, a couple weeks back I seriously strained some tendons in my right foot.  At first I didn’t think this would be any big deal (I don’t type with my feet, after all!), but the hit my mobility took meant my time got chewed up in ways other than writing, and the general inconvenience and pain started to add up over time.  I’m more or less fully recovered from that now, so I don’t mind mentioning it as a past problem.

Still current however, is that I’m house hunting.  It’s not something I give any energy to during my work time (with the occasional exception), but it’s chewing up my time over the weekends . . . time I usually use to do other mundane household matters or just recharge my personal batteries.   The combined effect has proven draining on my productivity, and, honestly, this surprised me when it really shouldn’t have. 

This too shall pass though, and in the meantime I’m continuing to plug away.

But, put politely, all of this has made me “ornery.” 




(Which is a nice way of saying as pleasant to be around as a wet cat with its tail of fire.)

If You Hear A Clunking Sound . . .

September 22, 2009

. . . that’s just the sound of me getting in my own way today.

I think most (if not all) of us end up doing this sort of thing at some time or other another, but today I seem to be trying to go for some sort of record.  Yes, there’s been a lot of distractions in recent weeks, AND I’m feeling some pressure as my schedule continues to tighten, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Just needed to get that out of my system.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to work.


September 21, 2009

On Friday I commented on the 150th anniversary of the ascension of Emperor Norton, and I wanted to make sure I was clear on my feelings toward the man, and I can think of no better description of his Imperial Majesty than that uttered by Patrick Crowley, who observed that Norton “had shed no blood; robbed no one; and despoiled no country; which is more than can be said of his fellows in that line.”

Which is precisely why I consider Emperor Norton the greatest of all emperors.

Hail Norton!

September 18, 2009

For those of you who missed it, yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the ascension to power of Norton I, Emperor of the United States, Protector of Mexico.  I had intended to mark the occasion on the proper date, but as I’d already committed myself to a topic on the day prior (and knowing how his Imperial Majesty felt about dedication to one’s word), I decided to delay.

I can only hope that Emperor Norton will be gracious in his forgiveness of my presumption.

My First Video Commentary

September 17, 2009

(And just in case you need your memory from yesterday refreshed, or otherwise need to know what I’m talking about:

My involvement in this STARTED when Paula asked me if I’d be available to give voice to Dr. Aeon because I’d be “perfect” for it, because apparently I sound JUST like a whiny self important know it all.  (I’m kidding, of course . . . she’d heard me do that kind of voice before.)  Along the way I became “Consultant” because she kept asking me what I thought of pacing and the like (that and the fact that many of my off the cuff comments became part of the script . . . like the “I love you, Paula!” bit.  While she took the idea and ran with it, that was based on my reluctance to keep silent while she recorded something that DIDN’T involve me.)  Eventually, I made myself so ubiquitous with my feedback that I think she gave me Assistant Director credit just because it was easier than telling me to shut up.

Now I understand this may seem to be a small thing to some (perhaps even most), but to me this is my first film credit, and I’m listed along with someone who has a legitimate IMDB entry.

And I think that’s cool.