Nothing To Sneeze At

A number of people I know have had an inordinate number of things go against them of late . . . certainly more than their fair share, in my opinion.  Yes, I realize this is a fact of life that such things “happen,”  but that doesn’t mean now is the time to sing a rousing rendition of “A Spoonfull of Sugar” to make them forget their troubles.  Like my dear old grandfather never said, being over chirpy when you know someone has had a hard time is as insulting as blowing your nose on their corn flakes.

So . . . in honor of that thought, here’s a little something MORE (or less) appropriate:

A spoonfull of boogers makes the medicine taste worse.
The medicine taste worse.
The medicine taste worse.
Just a spoonfull of boogers makes the medicine taste worse,
In a most DISGUSTING way!

( I don’t care . . . it’s been that kind of week, and if even just ONE person who needed a smile out there smiled at that, then my work here is done.  This candle is for all of you guys.  I’m rooting for you.)

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