Cards On The Table (Part Two)

The fact of the matter is that a LOT of people need greater access to healthcare.  I’m not going to quote numbers here, because you can get those elsewhere, and I’m also not going to get started on a debate of what the exact number is . . . it’s a lot . . . we all know this, because if you truly know of NO ONE in that kind of need, nor anyone who has ever BEEN in that kind of need (including yourself), you need to get out more.


I know, I know.  “People should stop looking for handouts,” (and you probably changed your own diaper when you were a baby too . . . there’s a BIG difference between being in need and “looking for a handout”), but I’ll grant you that WHATEVER plan is passed is almost inevitably going to have loopholes and potentials for abuse in it somewhere. 

But it will also help lots and LOTS of people. 

So, while I appreciate the impulse for the healthcare revamp to be the best possible to close those loopholes and abuse potentials, and further appreciate that the definition of “best” is HIGHLY subjective . . . let’s just cut to the chase:

All those that WANT people in need to suffer, please stand in the corner over there and shut up.  Your opinion has been noted.

Now let those that remain get down to the matter of making the revamp work, because it IS needed.

(Dedicated to Angie.  I decided I could take the flak after all.)

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