Algiz Update

Algiz the Sun Conure continues to do well, though sometimes I wonder if he’s a touch lonely.  He has a nice big house of his own to stay in (I don’t like calling it a cage, even though that’s what it is), but he seems to prefer to spend most of his time in his “playpen” (a smaller cage I put him in when he needs to go the vet and the like) because its design is such that he can be closer to me while I work AND I can carry him with me when I go to another room.  He’s fine with being alone . . . IF there’s no activity, but if there IS activity, he wants to be a part of it, plain and simple, and his playpen is easier to move to include him.  In time I’d like it so he could be out on a perch while I work, but right now he thinks “out time” is “playtime,” and he’s just too much of a handful.

All in all, he and I have adapted to each other’s presence, and though he’s a bit young to have a “mate” in the breeding sense, I still wonder if he might do well with a “mate” in the British slang friend sense.  I definitely don’t want to spend money on another bird, but I know there are bird rescue centers out there with neurotic birds that have obsessively plucked their feathers from stress until they’re bald that might benefit from a (comparatively) stable home and a (comparatively) better adjusted bird.

Still . . . I don’t know if Algiz would really WANT that kind of company, and I’m not sure I want to disrupt my life with yet another little squawker.

Mostly though, I just don’t want have to describe Algiz as “He’s not a feather plucker, he’s a feather plucker’s mate.”

(Yes, I AM proud of myself, thank you.)

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