What Distractions, You Ask?

Well . . . for one, a couple weeks back I seriously strained some tendons in my right foot.  At first I didn’t think this would be any big deal (I don’t type with my feet, after all!), but the hit my mobility took meant my time got chewed up in ways other than writing, and the general inconvenience and pain started to add up over time.  I’m more or less fully recovered from that now, so I don’t mind mentioning it as a past problem.

Still current however, is that I’m house hunting.  It’s not something I give any energy to during my work time (with the occasional exception), but it’s chewing up my time over the weekends . . . time I usually use to do other mundane household matters or just recharge my personal batteries.   The combined effect has proven draining on my productivity, and, honestly, this surprised me when it really shouldn’t have. 

This too shall pass though, and in the meantime I’m continuing to plug away.

But, put politely, all of this has made me “ornery.” 




(Which is a nice way of saying as pleasant to be around as a wet cat with its tail of fire.)

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