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Why? Why NOT? (Or “Because A Girl Asked Me To Do It”)

September 16, 2009

(Yes, this WAS a while ago, but I’m pressed for time today.  More about this tomorrow.)

Algiz Update

September 15, 2009

Algiz the Sun Conure continues to do well, though sometimes I wonder if he’s a touch lonely.  He has a nice big house of his own to stay in (I don’t like calling it a cage, even though that’s what it is), but he seems to prefer to spend most of his time in his “playpen” (a smaller cage I put him in when he needs to go the vet and the like) because its design is such that he can be closer to me while I work AND I can carry him with me when I go to another room.  He’s fine with being alone . . . IF there’s no activity, but if there IS activity, he wants to be a part of it, plain and simple, and his playpen is easier to move to include him.  In time I’d like it so he could be out on a perch while I work, but right now he thinks “out time” is “playtime,” and he’s just too much of a handful.

All in all, he and I have adapted to each other’s presence, and though he’s a bit young to have a “mate” in the breeding sense, I still wonder if he might do well with a “mate” in the British slang friend sense.  I definitely don’t want to spend money on another bird, but I know there are bird rescue centers out there with neurotic birds that have obsessively plucked their feathers from stress until they’re bald that might benefit from a (comparatively) stable home and a (comparatively) better adjusted bird.

Still . . . I don’t know if Algiz would really WANT that kind of company, and I’m not sure I want to disrupt my life with yet another little squawker.

Mostly though, I just don’t want have to describe Algiz as “He’s not a feather plucker, he’s a feather plucker’s mate.”

(Yes, I AM proud of myself, thank you.)

But Enough About Politics

September 14, 2009

This week I pledge I shall mention absolutely NOTHING about politics unless a politician breaks into my home and sucker punches me in my sleep (or an event equivalently weird).  This week I’ll be focusing on more personal matters.

I’ve got this rash you see . . .

(Okay . . . maybe not THAT personal!)

Cards On The Table (Part Two)

September 11, 2009

The fact of the matter is that a LOT of people need greater access to healthcare.  I’m not going to quote numbers here, because you can get those elsewhere, and I’m also not going to get started on a debate of what the exact number is . . . it’s a lot . . . we all know this, because if you truly know of NO ONE in that kind of need, nor anyone who has ever BEEN in that kind of need (including yourself), you need to get out more.


I know, I know.  “People should stop looking for handouts,” (and you probably changed your own diaper when you were a baby too . . . there’s a BIG difference between being in need and “looking for a handout”), but I’ll grant you that WHATEVER plan is passed is almost inevitably going to have loopholes and potentials for abuse in it somewhere. 

But it will also help lots and LOTS of people. 

So, while I appreciate the impulse for the healthcare revamp to be the best possible to close those loopholes and abuse potentials, and further appreciate that the definition of “best” is HIGHLY subjective . . . let’s just cut to the chase:

All those that WANT people in need to suffer, please stand in the corner over there and shut up.  Your opinion has been noted.

Now let those that remain get down to the matter of making the revamp work, because it IS needed.

(Dedicated to Angie.  I decided I could take the flak after all.)

Cards On The Table (Part One)

September 10, 2009

If you like the idea of no one being without proper healthcare, but have reservations about the practicalities of the various methods being proposed, then I don’t have a problem with that (provided you are sincere about it, and aren’t just doing some sort of ploy to keep the debate going endlessly until it dies in a stall).  Good for you, and I hope you’re doing your part to push what you see as a viable solution to the situation, no matter if I agree with your approach or not.

If you just simply worship Mammon and refuse to part with ANY of your money unless it’s being spent on you . . . well . . . I may not respect that, but I respect your right to feel and act that way (the IRS may feel differently on that point, but that doesn’t have anything to do with me).


I’m getting more than a little weary of all the screams of protest over the idea of revamping the U.S. healthcare system coming from quarters purporting  to represent/be members of faiths that list mercy and charity as virtues.

(Hold off on your hate mail one more day, please.   I’m not done digging a hole for myself quite yet.)

Health . . . Care . . . Get It?

September 9, 2009

Yeah, I can be annoying like that sometimes.

But save your hate mail for another few days so I can either explain my position, or give you something to REALLY send me hate mail about.

Unless, you know . . . the hate mail is dealing with me slipping the words “Health” and “Care” into the titles of my previous two posts as a lead up, because . . . you know, THAT I would TOTALLY understand.

Not That I Care (Well . . . Not MUCH Anyway)

September 8, 2009

With some notable exceptions aside, it is a matter of profound indifference to me whether or not someone is capable of making it to the afterlife they desire and believe they deserve. 

But stipulating for the moment the trick is indeed possible, shouldn’t you at least by doing your best to follow the important rules that are supposed to be your path/guide to that afterlife?

ALL the important rules, not just the easy ones for you.

Something I Need To Say For My Health

September 7, 2009

There was a time, I am told, the single most commonly shoplifted item from the campus book store of a religious institution I know of, was those rather expensive leather bound bibles. For years I used to joke that no doubt it was theology students who wished to brush up on their Nine Commandments. 

In a similar vein, currently I am tempted to compliment so many people’s dedicated adherence to the Two Theological Virtues, Faith and Hope.

Nothing To Sneeze At

September 4, 2009

A number of people I know have had an inordinate number of things go against them of late . . . certainly more than their fair share, in my opinion.  Yes, I realize this is a fact of life that such things “happen,”  but that doesn’t mean now is the time to sing a rousing rendition of “A Spoonfull of Sugar” to make them forget their troubles.  Like my dear old grandfather never said, being over chirpy when you know someone has had a hard time is as insulting as blowing your nose on their corn flakes.

So . . . in honor of that thought, here’s a little something MORE (or less) appropriate:

A spoonfull of boogers makes the medicine taste worse.
The medicine taste worse.
The medicine taste worse.
Just a spoonfull of boogers makes the medicine taste worse,
In a most DISGUSTING way!

( I don’t care . . . it’s been that kind of week, and if even just ONE person who needed a smile out there smiled at that, then my work here is done.  This candle is for all of you guys.  I’m rooting for you.)

Being Driven Crazy

September 3, 2009

The following story comes courtesy of Mister A.S., who has since thankfully learned (and not the hard way) that immortality is not among his attributes:

Mr. S  had been tailgating a friend of his for a significant period of time due to heavy traffic and Mr. S’s youthful driving habits.  Later on, the friend confronted Mr. S saying (in effect)  “I swear that no matter how fast I went there wasn’t even one time when you were any farther than SIX inches from my bumper!”

To which Mr. S responded “Nah . . . I was at least twelve inches away . . . if I’d only been six inches away there was at least three times when I would have hit you . . .”

Let the record show that I’ve RIDDEN with Mr. S, and I believe him.