More Silly [Bleep]

First off, it was pointed out to me I likely couldn’t post <Bleep> in a post title the other day due to the type of brackets I was using.  It turns out that was the case, and it was even something I suspected at the time; it’s just that the idea of my title being autocensored for <Bleep> was funnier.  Thanks for pointing that out though.

But on the subject of silly [bleep], here’s another permutation . . . the digital “blurring” of certain bits of anatomy on television these days, blurring that wouldn’t even fool a five year old about what was beneath it, so, again, I question the point, but it’s not scary in and of itself.

What’s SCARY is the most recent example I saw of digital blurring was in a televised version of a VERY gory and gratuitous movie where, in what I presume was done in the name  “common decency,” they  (to be blunt) blurred out the nipples, but KEPT IN THE SKULLS BEING CHEWED OPEN! 

The people in charge of making these kinds of decisions need professional help.


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