Military Falsisms (Part Six)

I want to make it clear up front that this story is true; I want to make this clear in no small part because this tale simply wouldn’t be credible if I tried to pass it off as fiction.

I’d only had my driver’s license a few years at this time, but I’d also had my first (and only serious) accident to date (Story for another time.) by this time, so I’d learned the value of care while driving, meaning I was doing the speed limit of 35 M.P.H.  It was dark, and I had just crested a small ridge in the road; I had one passenger (Yes, a girl.) but I was keeping my primary attention on the road (It had been SOME accident!). 

Which is the only reason I saw the cats at all. 

Just on the other side of the ridge (and perfectly hidden by it in the darkness) was a string of cats . . . a mother in the lead and almost off the road (but still on it and directly in my path) followed by a tight string of kittens ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROAD!

Hitting the breaks was out of the question, they were too close  for that to help.  To add to the fun, there were ditches to either side of me, deep enough to ensure a desperate attempt to swerve would have wrecked the vehicle and put my life and my passenger’s life at risk despite the seat belts we had on (I’m not kidding; it had been SOME accident!).  Heck . . . even without the ditches I’d probably have flipped the vehicle if I’d tried (it was top heavy).  

In other words, there was nowhere to go, and no way to win.

My passenger screamed . . .

(To Be Continued.)


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