Military Falsisms (Part Seven)

“Part seven.”  REALLY?  Wow!  I can’t believe this has gone on so long . . .

Relax, I’m just funning with you; I remember I stopped mid story yesterday . . . honest.

So . . . there I am, nothing but a choice of failures before me, and my passenger screaming her head (and my ears) off.

No pressure.

I’ve always been proud that I didn’t freeze up or do something impulsive/stupid like trying to swerve off the road and put my passenger’s life at risk.  At the time though, I was more than a bit disturbed how easily and consciously I made my literally split second choice. 

I knew I couldn’t kill the mother cat . . . she needed to live to care for the kittens.  So I moved toward the middle of the road (my one break was there was no oncoming traffic) and did my level best to drive so the tires went BETWEEN the kittens.

Against the odds, I actually succeeded.

Unfortunately . . . the muffler was low on this vehicle;  I doubt I need to elaborate.

Total injuries:  None.  Total casualties:  One kitten.

Granted that was still one too many (I’m by no means a cat person, but the little guy didn’t do anything to me.), but it was better than I was expecting.

Not world shaking stuff, I admit (though I imagine the kitten’s opinion on that would differ), but over the years it’s prompted a lot of thinking on my part about no win situations.


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