A Half Glassed Job

Sorry for yet ANOTHER interruption, but let me put it to you this way:

Years ago in a discussion about the perennial “Is the glass half empty or half full to you?” question, it was pointed in my case at the time, the answer was “Everything around me is on fire, and I’ve only got half a glass of water to put it out with, so call it what you will.”

This morning started with a modest plume of smoke outside my building (Best guess, it was careless smokers tossing their cigarettes into an area of damp, but not damp enough, landscaping . . . the fire had probably been smoldering for hours by the looks of it), and I ended up dousing it as best I could by ferrying half glasses of lake water (that being the amount I could gather from the lake, the only nearby watersource, without falling in) until the fire department could be contacted.

That’s not only irony . . . that’s been my week.  (Though, for the record, the rest of my day was MUCH more pleasant . . . it just didn’t allow room for me getting much work done.)

Back to work tomorrow though.

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