Military Falsisms (Part Eight and FINAL, I Promise!)

As I’ve rambled through this topic over the past two weeks, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve covered it “thoroughly” (other adjectives might also apply, but let’s keep the adjectives on the kind side).   Even so, I’ve a few parting thoughts ranging from summations of the important points to last minute clarifications;  In no particular order:

1.  You can learn through failure IF you let yourself.  So can others, and particularly with others, beware of reactions to failure that are far in excess of the consequences of the failure itself.   Oh . . . you’ll certainly teach them SOMETHING, mind you, but they may not learn what you think you’re teaching.   

2.  If you’ve NEVER failed, you’ve never sufficiently challenged yourself.  This ALSO applies to others.

3.  Sometimes, in the same sense of the idiom “There may not always be someone to vote FOR, but there’s always someone to vote AGAINST,” a choice of failures will be your only options . . . but you can still do a lot even with those choices . . . again IF you let yourself.

4.  Believe it or not, this topic doesn’t have anything to do with my book challenge, even though I admit I DO have my backup plans and rankings in place for “partial successes,” they’ve been part of my planning from the beginning.  (Current assessment of my status on that front, by the way, is “Still in the running.”)

It was inspired by a game I was (and still am, though my time for it has been limited of late) attempting to master.  Funny how much mileage I’ve gotten from it, but I’m actually grateful for that . . . failure is the sort of topic I do best with frequent reminders from myself on, because while I may RESPECT failure . . . I haven’t developed a way to LOVE it yet.  Maybe with more time and less ego I’ll even manage to pull that one off.

But for now . . . respect will have to suffice.

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