“It’ll All Work Out”

There’s something one part endearing, and two parts annoying about people that constantly chirp happily that “everything will work out.”  No matter the situation, not even being thrown to the lions, nothing EVER gets them to change their tune.

Part of the annoying thing is that they ARE right; One way or the other, everything WILL work out.

They never seem to be able to grasp that fact that sometimes though, what that means is that everything will work out for the LIONS.

2 Responses to ““It’ll All Work Out””

  1. Lynn Says:

    Reminds me of the story of the old cowboy (what else would it be?) who, when asked his favorite part of the Bible, replied “and it came to pass.”

    When pressed about this odd choice, he replied “I sure wouldn’t have liked it if it came to stay!”

  2. Robert Alan Says:

    Which reminds ME of the old cowboy who, when asked why he didn’t call being bitten by a rattlesnake a “work related accident,” replied:

    “The way I figure it, the snake done bit me on PURPOSE.”

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