Right . . . Where Was I?

I’ll spare you the long version of last week, but here’s a few highlights:

“So after repeatedly telling me it must be a fault in my equipment, you just “happen” to perform a major overhaul on a nearby node and miraculously, my equipment fixes itself.  The only way I could be less impressed by this is if you ALSO cut my service because of a screw up in YOUR automated billing that you failed to contact me over.”  (Yep . . . that’s exactly what happened.)

“While I thank you for the refund for my brother’s long delayed Christmas gift, I was ACTUALLY hoping you could just correctly deliver it this time . . .”  (This one actually wasn’t THAT bad, but the gift WAS returned to the shipper in a comedy of errors due to a bad address, and my money was refunded rather than anyone going to the hassle of contacting me about the address first (which would have been the correct procedure, by the way).  That one was smoothed over fairly quickly, and though my brother doesn’t have his gift, *I* have his gift at least.  I can work with that . . . maybe even get it to him before NEXT Christmas rolls around.)

“Get DOWN!”  (And I didn’t mean in the funky sense, I meant in the “a nearby transformer has just exploded and the electrical line behind the house is overloading AND on fire” sense. )

“No . . . I did NOT realize my tail light had burnt out.”  (Here’s a pro tip for you kids:  No matter how bad your day/week has been (say you’ve dealt with a string of idiotic bureaucratic snafus and watched fire rain down on your back yard, leaving you in the rare Florida cold and out looking for someplace warm), being anything OTHER than polite when the officer pulls you over is just going to make a bad situation even worse, and odds are good the officer isn’t going to be the one to suffer the most for it.)

So this candle is for ME, for remembering that little tip and NOT getting  a ticket (And in case the officer is reading this, I replaced that bulb the next morning, just like I said I would).  I’ll pick up my interrupted train of thought tomorrow.

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