So Now What? (Much Delayed Part Two)

Well . . . like I tell people, I’ve admitted my compulsion to write AND proven to myself I can do it on a schedule.  

Now it’s time to learn how to sell what I write, because, bluntly, for me to write as much as I want in my life, my writing has to start paying some bills (particularly food bills).  This may seem a somewhat crass attitude to some (including myself), but it’s not, it’s a crass FACT:  If I want to devote my life to spinning tales that’s all fine, well, and good, but it doesn’t harvest the potatoes as my grandfather would never have said; so to do what I want to do, I ALSO have to do it well enough to entertain those that DO harvest the (metaphorical) potatoes such that they are willing to share their harvest with me so that I can have enough to eat so that I can keep thinking up MORE tales to entertain them, and so on. 

Sounds like a perfect plan to me, in no small part because I HATE digging potatoes (though I’m starting to think I shouldn’t write on a empty stomach), but a cornerstone of that plan involves enough people knowing of my tales for it to work. 

So for a start, now it’s time for me to break out of my shy, retiring ways, if only so I can be well known enough to grow all reclusive and peculiar AFTER I’m established.

But first things first.

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