I Didn’t Expect An Answer Anyway

So . . .

Remember how a while back I waxed maudlin about stumbling upon a way to easily contact two people that left my life on poor terms, two people I still wonder about from time to time?  Remember how poor a job I did talking myself out of contacting them?

Remember the thought that STARTED all that . . . the one about having to know it all?

Well I want you to know that I did NOT contact them . . . just ONE of them.

There’s been (predictably) no answer (and I didn’t really leave a lot of opening for one . . . it was just a quick but sincere “congrats on achieving your dream”), but signs indicate that the message was received, at least, and that her response might be best described as “flabbergasted.”

Well . . . at least I know I haven’t lost my knack for getting THAT response, so here’s a candle for all those we’ve all parted ways with on poor terms and wished we hadn’t (even if, and maybe even because of, even looking back now we STILL can’t see a way to have avoided it), and, of course, a candle in particular for she whom I flabbergasted.

I did mean what I said.  Congratulations.

(Oh, and the possibility exists that I may be flattering myself about the “flabbergasted” response, by the way; my evidence for this response being related to my brief note is circumstantial at best, but despite that, I’m going to just presume my assessment is correct.

After all, if I’m wrong, all she has to do is TELL me.)

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