Turns out I got an answer after all.

And while that exchange is, of course, private, I figure I CAN share a stylized representation of some of my internal monologue:  

Huh . . . got a message, but surely it’s not . . . 

Yep . . . it is.

Well . . . I’m the one that opened the door, so let’s see how much this hurts.

Ouch . . . well . . . I walked into that one.  I can hardly blame her for agreeing with me that I don’t know when to leave well enough alone; I’m the one that said it first, after all.  I wonder if I should point out that if SHE wanted to leave well enough alone she shouldn’t have answered me.

Nope . . . she said it first.  Okay . . . this is starting to look like it might not have been a terrible idea after all . . .

And it wasn’t.   Mind you, it COULD have been.

But it wasn’t.


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