We Probably Should Have Dated

So last night I was reminiscing with someone, and the name of someone I hadn’t thought of in years was mentioned, someone who used to be able to irritate me just by being in the same room with me (a favor it seems I returned, by the way), though I was never sure WHY she irritated me so much.

I was promptly informed that while she had mellowed somewhat, she was largely unchanged, particularly her “sanctimonious” nature.

That’s when I remembered.

She WAS sanctimonious, and that always mixed poorly with my arrogance (which has likewise mellowed somewhat, by the way), but at least I could take comfort that we didn’t instinctively dislike each other because we were EXACTLY the same.  However, when I expressed this sentiment, it was met with . . . shall we say “polite skepticism?” 

But I stand by my statement.

To be sanctimonious is to believe that one is inherently better and more correct than those around them.  To be arrogant it to believe that ANYONE could be just as good as you are . . .

It’s just that they’re not.

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