Pirates of Acetaminophen (Part Two)

The lead ship didn’t look like much, just one of the hundreds that sail these water under the banner of the Cold Killers.  I’ve dealt with their like before.

Backin’ her up though was a smaller ship that I knew all too well:  the Springtime.  Now the Springtime be one of the prettiest ships I ever laid eyes on, but her captain, Captain Pollen, was a treacherous witch that’d lure you in with beauty, then order a full scale assault when your guard was down.  She was particularly fond of claimin’ the eyes and noses of her victims, but e’n so, she generally weren’t much worse than a nuisance once you knew how her game was played. 

Both ships were gainin’ and fired a dual salvo that shattered the mainmast in the luckiest shot I’d ever seen.

Lucky for them . . . less so for me.

We were already startin’ to slow, so I told the crew to prepare to repel borders . . .

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