No Sense Skirting The Issue

So on Saturday I headed out to Johnny Rockets for a celebratory “I feel well enough to go out for something!” meal, and on the way back I walked past the Hooters and saw they were having some sort of “School Girl” day, where all the waitresses were dressed up in schoolgirl outfits instead of their usual fare.

Now, I like girls in short skirts, but I hardly like them enough to stop at a place and eat a meal I don’t need right after I’d just eaten somewhere else.

Which is why I only had coffee.

(In other words, I really am starting to feel better.)

2 Responses to “No Sense Skirting The Issue”

  1. Lynn Taylor Says:

    LOL. Glad to hear you’re feeling *much* better. 😉

  2. Robert Alan Says:

    I went back for dinner too. 🙂

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