Speaking Of . . . (Part One)

No, not girls, I talk about that subject a lot as it is . . . I meant coffee.

Once upon a time, I didn’t used to touch coffee at all; I just never cared for the idea of being a caffeine addict (a great number of them being numbered among my family and friends, you see), but things change.  I still don’t drink it every day (or even every week) as a rule, but two things about living in South Florida changed my mind on the subject of coffee:

1.  Coffee is almost a lifestyle in South Florida. 

With so many cultures coming together here, and almost all of them having some sort of coffee tradition, competition to make a great cup of coffee is as fierce as I’ve ever seen anywhere, and even where there’s no direction competition (Cuban coffee is a different animal than classic “American” coffee, for instance) the pressure to make the “best” coffee in the area keeps overall quality high.  I’ve yet to have a bad cup of coffee here, and some of the coffee I’ve had here has approached being works of art.

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