Fun Fact For The Day

(To counterbalance the recent string of cynicism.)

Robert Englund auditioned for the part of Luke Skywalker.

Now, I realize that if Englund had been cast, he probably wouldn’t have been cast as Freddy Krueger, and yet . . .

I can’t help but imagine a world where Luke Skywalker and Freddy Krueger were portrayed by the same actor, and how that might have changed movie history, particularly assuming A Nightmare on Elm Street released before Return of the Jedi.   It didn’t in our world, so for the sake of example just assume there were scheduling conflicts that delayed Jedi, and we might have been able to see something like this:

Jabba the Hutt:  “Give the creepy Jedi whatever he wants.”

Bib Fortuna (Jabba’s Majordomo):  “Sir?”

Jabba the Hutt:  “I’m a thousand-pound slug with a glandular condition; except for when I’m eating, I sleep all the time!  Give. Him. What. He. WANTS!”

Of course, what “Freddy Skywalker” would want would be to see Jabba dead, Boba Fett shoved down the throat of the Sarlacc (Do I really need all these links?), and Jabba’s pleasure barge destroyed for bad measure, so maybe it wouldn’t have been that different after all.

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