Thoughts On Lessons From Childhood (Part One)

Last week for me was all about revisiting some of the foibles and hypocrisies that tend to come about the longer a person lives; a bit of early preparation for the lessons of childhood I’m expecting to both learn from, and be teaching little “plus one.”  The foibles I’m fairly forgiving of, we all get used to our preconceived notions, and few of us go back to question them enough, but most of them are harmless habits, so it’s nothing worse than a charming surprise when a little one asks if skeletons should be wearing underwear or not.

Some preconceived notions are vicious and dangerous though, and the worst ones are the ones that are hypocritically applied in the “do what I say, not what I do” manner.  Trying to explain that to little “plus one” is going to be trickier.

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