Misconceptions (Part One)

My letter to my son last week garnered me some polite confusion on one point in particular, namely, the idea that it’s still common to accuse boys/guys with the “crime” of “being a boy/guy.” 

I’m not entirely surprised at this confusion, though I admit to being a little distressed by it, because so far every guy I’ve talked about this with knows exactly what I’m talking about, but even my own Mother seemed baffled at first on my insistence on this point.  Once I’ve given a few examples about what I’m talking about, everyone who has approached me has essentially nodded and said “Oh . . . that,which  in a backhanded way distresses me even more.  Somehow it makes the unfairness seem all the worse when not only do you have to explain it, but when you do explain, the average response is comprehension on the order of pointing out that the smog is particularly bad today — the comprehension that says “I know what you mean, but I’ve been breathing bad air for so long that I don’t really notice anymore.”  I was planning to elaborate on the point this week anyway, but still . . .

I can honestly say that I wish I didn’t have to explain.

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