Misconceptions (Part Three)

Now I know people don’t mean any harm when they say things like that, so I don’t really take offense. 

But that brings me to my next example though, the next misconception about my son I want to clear up is that he is not the product of any “mother’s curse” upon me. 

Yes, I know it’s just friendly teasing when people say things like that, so, again, I’m not really offended and no harm has been done, I promise, but seriously . . . don’t be surprised if I don’t smile when you say things like that.  My son is neither a curse, nor the product of a curse; he may very well turn out “exactly like me” (but I doubt it), and I will almost certainly experience the flip side of situations I put my parents through when I was a child, but that’s just the way things are, not a curse.  I wouldn’t be teased like this if I were having a daughter, so don’t tease me because I’m having a son. 

But enough nitpicking; I was just doing it to get some things off my chest and warm up for the main event anyway.  So now let’s talk about how my son was insulted for his gender within moments of his gender being determined in the first place.

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