Misconceptions (Part Four)

“He’s definitely a boy,” the female tech doing the ultrasound said.  “His hand’s in the way a bit, but that just makes him more definitely a boy.  Guys start like that from the womb, you know.”

. . .

While I have a funny, ranting retort to that statement, I’m going to table that for now so we can keep focus.  THAT is what I’m talking about though, the “He’s only a guy, you know which head he thinks with. -wink, wink-” mentality. 

Laugh if you will (and some of you will), but ask yourself just how exactly does that kind of thinking differ from the days when girls were considered mentally deficient because “obviously” no “mere woman” was capable of grasping complex concepts?  She was a woman, after all!

It’s garbage, all of it. 

And it’s garbage my son will have to get used to.

But I admit I expected he’d at least get the chance to be born before the first time that idiocy would be directed his way.

P.S.  The tech wasn’t trying to be funny when she said that, by the way.  She spoke those words with an air of weary acceptance of a sad “fact.”  But even if she was trying to be funny, how much better is that exactly?

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