An Outsider’s Perspective On Pregnancy (Part Two)

But most of the time though, it’s not that bad . . . just someone sharing a bit of advice about something that they wished they had known back then, and that’s almost always appreciated even when it’s not always helpful.  You see, the more advice that one collects, the more one starts to notice just how much the advice is beginning to contradict itself, which is a limiting factor on its usefulness.

Something else one starts to notice after a while is the repetition of a particularly odd pattern:

“Oh, the pain was so awful for me, dear!” it has a little too often been said.  “But don’t worry about that, the memory of all that will just fade away to nothingness in the light of your baby’s smile.”

Heartbeat.  Heartbeat.

“Let me tell you some more about the pain . . .”

Insert your own “Much Ado About Nothing” joke here.

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