Digging Out

So I was telling Dad today that we’d just finished up hosting someone for the last six days, and that we’d gotten her to her plane last night, and he says to me (more or less) “So this is a real ‘digging out’ day for you then.”

Never really heard the phrase in that context before, but I knew exactly what he meant by it.

So even though a wonderful visit was had by all, yes . . . this is indeed a digging out day for me.

(And as I typed that, Algiz the Sun Conure less than politely reminded me that today is just a flat out “being out” day for him.  He loves guests, but he gets so wrapped up in his excitement around new people that he sometimes gets a little blurry on the concepts of “personal space” and “gentle.”  I figure he’ll grow out of that someday, but until he does he’ll have to accept the loss of some of his usual freedoms until the guests have left.

Have I mentioned he’s also a little blurry on the concept of “accepting loss?”)

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