Past Lives (Part One)

Recently the topic of “past lives” came up for me, a topic I always find a bit silly to debate, because its a topic I happen to consider proven to my satisfaction as much as anything can be.  Of course, it simplifies matters because not only do I remember many of my past lives, I can generally reliably point to empirical evidence that corroborates my memories.  Some memories are clearer than others, of course, so my memories of my past life of being born in Hawaii are hazy to nonexistent, but I still have my birth certificate as evidence.  By comparison, my memories of being a moody high schooler in Virginia are much clearer, and I can recount that past life in enough detail that no one’s ever even asked to see my diploma as proof.  I don’t pretend to remember everything, of course, but when all else fails, if someone from one of my past lives reminds me of some incident, even if memory fails, I can usually rely on a sense of familiarity and how much something “sounds like  me.”

Of course, I am aware that when other people talk about “past lives,” they mean something entirely different.

But where’s the fun in admitting that up front?

2 Responses to “Past Lives (Part One)”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Then there’s the other discussion about “present lives”… sometimes sans the schizophrenia!

  2. Robert Alan Says:

    Now that you mention it, it occurs to me that the “future lives” discussion has on more than one occasion gotten pretty thick for me as well . . .

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